The pallet industry knows better than anybody that a pallet is a popular item when it comes to shifting goods around.

Customers want the benefits, but also wish to minimise stress. Pallets are a matter of cost. When you buy a pallet it costs money, creates a lack of space, and causes problems for management teams. Therefore, the objective for pallet merchants is to focus on one area: the amount of irritation, nuisance factors, and resistance shown by the customers when it comes down to reducing the number of pallets. This works wonderfully well with wooden pallets.

What does the customer want?

The customer wants the load carrier to meet their wishes

with regards to size and load bearing capacity. The dimensions are determined by demands placed on products and methods of transport.

But is there more to come?

But is there more to come if we pay attention to the best type of pallet we can offer?

Load capacity is bound by the width and the thickness of the wood. The nature of the goods will have an impact on the number of decking plants.

Transport and storage also play an important role and it is important to know in which sector the pallet is being used. The food industry would certainly not take kindly to pallets which have mould or which are prone to too much moisture. It is less significant for the construction sector which types of pallet can be used.

Working together to find the best solution

We have both open and closed fleets for collecting and delivering pallets.

  • Positioning goods on trailers to avoid duplication.
  • Positioning containers in conjunction with Gielen Containerservice for customers who have a limited amount of space.
  • We offer the opportunity for every pallet to be ‘heat treated’ as per ISPM 15 standards.
  • Storage of your pallets and delivery upon request.
  • Allocation of returned pallets so that you have a clear idea of the number of good or damaged pallets you are receiving from your suppliers.
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