Hamelers Palletten bvba

We are a company who’s specialises in buying and selling used pallets.

We are located at de oude Bunders near the road E314. We have an area of approximately 3 hectare which gives us the opportunity to store your pallets both indoors and outdoors.

We buy all types of different pallet sizes for businesses. These pallets are reconditioned and are then sorted according to customer specifications.

We keep these pallets in stock until the customer requests a delivery. Therefore we are able to guarantee quality products and deliver them within the agreed deadlines. By doing so, we aim to maintain long-term relationships with satisfied customers.


  • Punctuality and reliability
  • Dry storage facilities
  • Large stock for various pallets
  • Own transport facilities
  • Possibility to use heat treatment as per ISPM15
  • Affiliated with Val-I-Pac with number 504396
  • Affiliated with Ovam with number 101675
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